A downloadable game

i lied, here is the "i ran out of time so i rushed it and its utterly incomplete and unbalanced and buggy" version of 東方小暁件 ~ Phantasmagoria of Dawn Breaker. If you played or even perceived this version of the game, no the fuck you did not.

please open omake.txt for the credits. i neglected adding them here just in case literally anyone is worried about spoilers.

im sorry that we were not able to show off anything near as good  as we wanted to for this day, but for now, its something.

please do your best not to spread this game around to other people, because frankly, it is quite embarrassing that things had to come to this and that is why i am doing only a semi-public release.

happy 10th birthday to gondayu's composition "microintervals of dawn".

Install instructions

unzip the archive file and run th_podb.exe


th_podb_v0.303.zip 31 MB

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