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its me, lumi (Luminous_DNH) 

thats right, i didnt die! ive been alive this whole time actually. no, im not planning on updating eaea.

i desperately needed an excuse to make a first script, so its a good thing that Bullet Hell Engines (https://discord.gg/4wNvvPHxeU join now or die) hosted their third contest, Bullet Hell Artistry 3. BHA3's theme is similar to that of RaNGE16 - Unexpected Mastermind. For this theme, you will take an earlygame boss/midboss (stages 1, 2, 3) and give them the fight worthy of a final boss. ~~for dnh nostalgia~~ i picked rumia because of her really popular fanon interpretation where taking off her charm gives her access to a new form titled exrumia. i figured this would be the perfect premise for a final boss fight

this boss battle comes with 4 nonspells and 5 spell cards. to any dnh users, you will notice that this uses the nonspell idea and first spellcard of the default exrumia sample mkm packaged with dnh originally.

i hope it feels good.

one known bug with this script is that, for some reason, the script may or may not restart itself randomly at the end. i dont know why this happens, but you can safely close the game. also, if the engine raises an error about "missing instructions", it means your pc is so much of a dinosaur that it doesnt support the ph3sx version i used to make this script. theres nothing that can be done about this, sorry


bullet hell engines: moral support
ryann1908: ryann1908 (when his script releases go play it)
zino lath: spooky ghost (when his/rakaasac's script releases go play it)
arkenia: bucket (when her script releases go play it)

terraformer9x: shotsheet

i dont know where the portraits came from; i lost the artists pixiv link

mkm: original patterns, assets, dnh

BGM: ZUN - Apparitions Stalk The Night 
BGM: Gondayu - Microintervals of Dawn (夜明のミクロインターヴァル)

Install instructions

just unzip the zip and play


ExRumia by Lumi.zip 44 MB

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